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1959 Gibson Les Paul
9 1945 - Nicky

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We Buy Vintage Guitars!


and I have always been under its spell.

Black Magic Vintage Guitars is the culmination of a dream and a lifelong passion for guitar. 

My quest to understand the inner workings of the instrument started at an tender age. I'm an active player and will forever be a student of the instrument. This journey has ultimately led me on a path to seek, study, educate & connect players and collectors with some of the most iconic & rare guitars ever made.

Looking back, I can recall always asking myself...

What makes these old guitars so great?

What I've surmised in my years of research can be simplified into this...


Quality - True old woods & processes that will never be seen again.

Purity (Alchemy) - wire, magnets, plastics & metals.

Craftsmanship - The Hands, Blood, Sweat & Tears.

IngenuityThe boundary pushing experimentation & relentlessness of the conjurers in charge Les, Leo & Seth to name a few; but there always seems to be some intangible that no one can put their finger on, perhaps it is simply a little bit of 


Guitars have souls; they evoke emotions, captivate the spirit & entice inspiration from the individual who wields them – John Ladas

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gibson guitars
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