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Fender Guitars

Why Every Guitar Player Needs a Strat or a Tele

     Every serious musician & collector understands the importance of having the right instruments in their stable. When it comes to guitars, few are as iconic or versatile as Fenders original lineup. Whether you are just getting into the vintage game or a seasoned pro, investing in a Fender is a wise choice. 

In this post, we will discuss some of the key reasons why every guitar player/collector should have at least one Fender Tele and Strat in their arsenal.


1. Heritage and Quality:


     The Telecaster is the electric guitar that started it all! Being the first electric guitar to be "mass produced" in 1950, the Telecasters simple yet highly effective design has remained virtually unchanged to this day. The "Tele" has been and remains a go to instrument for guitarists of all genres.


The Stratocaster was originally produced in 1954 and has since become a staple in the world of music. Unlike the Tele the Stratocaster is known for its sleek, contoured body, as well as its own signature sound which helped define rock n roll. 

As a guitar player or collector, owning a piece of history can be a huge source of pride, inspiration and motivation.


2. Options, options, and more options... 


     It takes a great deal of knowledge to navigate the world of Vintage Fender guitars. While the Tele or Strat may appear virtually unchanged to the untrained eye, the nuances between the years of manufacture mean a great deal from an investment & value standpoint. Woods, plastics, logos, paint, date codes, electronics, routing marks, masking tape, pencil dates, there is a lot to scrutinize. Trained hands & trusted experience is why we are here to assist through-out the buying process. 


3. Investment Value: 


     Vintage Fenders are not only a great guitars to own, look at and play but are also a rock solid investment. The guitar market in essence is like any other collectables market; buy the right piece and over time there is only upside. Allowing trusted, experienced hands to procure the correct instrument takes the guess work & risk out of the equation.


4. Inspiration! 


     As guitarists, we all know how important inspiration is to keep us moving forward and improving our skills. Owning a Vintage Guitar can be a tremendous source of inspiration. From the rich history behind the iconic instrument, to the versatility in sound, these guitars can help you to break out of your musical comfort zone and explore new creative territory.


At Black Magic Vintage Guitars, we strive to provide the best quality vintage guitars that any lover of music history can appreciate. Check out our selection, or put us on the quest to find your dream guitar!

Ask about consignment or let us know if you have a Vintage Fender to sell!

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