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Gibson Guitars

The Gibson Les Paul is a MUST have!

When it comes to iconic electric guitars, the Gibson Les Paul certainly tops the list. Originally produced in 1952, this guitar has been a favorite of rock and blues musicians alike for generations. Revered for their distinctive shape, perfect tone, and superior craftsmanship, Gibson Les Paul Guitars have become synonymous with excellence in the music industry. 


So, if you're a musician looking to up your game, consider investing in a Gibson Les Paul guitar. This formidable instrument promises to deliver a playing experience that is second to none!


1. A Brief History of the Les Paul Guitar:

     The Les Paul guitar was conceived in the early 1950s by jazz guitar player and inventor Les Paul. Gibson was already a well-known and respected guitar brand when Paul approached them with his design for a solid-body guitar. Gibson saw the potential of Paul's invention and agreed to manufacture the guitar under his name. Over the years, the Les Paul went through many design changes and improvements, but always remained fiercely popular.

The Gibson Les Paul guitar is simply; built to last. Boasting high-quality craftsmanship that has ensured that it will withstand the test of time.

2. Options, options and more options...

     The Les Paul guitar has seen MANY iterations since its inception. 

The original design (1952 & 1953) featured a Trapeze tailpiece and P90 pickups, simple, clean and glorious. 

The next generation of Les Pauls featured Wrap Around tailpieces (1953 - 1955) and are a favorite of guitar players; also with P90 pickups. 

Next came the invention and introduction of the ABR-1 Bridge & Stop Tailpiece that was introduced in 1955.

Finally in 1957 and perhaps most importantly came the invention of the PAF Hum-bucking Pickup (Patent Applied For), which revolutionized the instrument and subsequently the world. 

Similarly to the world of Vintage Fenders there is a lot to unpack in the lineage of the Les Paul. We didn't even touch on Juniors, Specials, Black Beauties, Customs or SG's. 

But don't fear you've come to the right place! This is what we do and what we live for! Allow us to help you navigate the waters and make the right decision.


3. The Investment Side:

     It is no surprise that the Gibson Les Paul Standard (1958-1960) is, was and always will be the King of the Vintage Guitar world. It is arguably the most iconic and certainly the most coveted electric guitar in the world. 

Vintage Gibson Les Paul Standards are Blue Chip investments.

Allow trusted, experienced hands like ours to take the guess work and risk out of the buying experience so you can enjoy! 


4. Choosing the Right Gibson Les Paul Guitar:

     There are many different models of Gibson Les Paul guitars to choose from, so it's important to know what you're looking for. We work one on one with clients to provide unparalleled service focused on what matters most, you! 

At Black Magic Vintage Guitars, we strive to provide the best quality vintage guitars that any lover of music history can appreciate. Check out our selection, or put us on the quest to find your dream guitar!

Ask about consignment or let us know if you have a Vintage Gibson to sell!

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