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Guitar Restoration Service

The Benefits of Restoration Services

Guitar collectors take great pride in owning and playing their instruments. However, guitars are not immune to damage or aging. As with any instrument, wear and tear over time can impact its quality, value and playability.

Fortunately, guitar restoration services provide guitar owners with a cost-effective and efficient way to restore their guitar’s optimal condition. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of guitar restoration services and why investing in them can breathe new life into your beloved instrument.

1. Improve Sound Quality & Playability.


A guitar’s sound quality is arguably its most important feature. Over time, a guitar’s sound may deteriorate due to a variety of factors, such as weather conditions, humidity changes, and aging. When your guitar is in need of repair or restoration, it can often result in a noticeable improvement in sound quality. By having BVMG's evaluate your instrument, we can identify issues causing poor sound quality, such as worn or damaged frets, poor set ups, wrong saddles, electronic issues and have them remedied for you.

2. Period Correct Parts! Preserve your investments value.


If you own a vintage guitar, it can be difficult and expensive to find period correct replacement parts. Vintage guitars often times have replacement parts. From screws, to plastics, to saddles and more. Investing in making your vintage guitar 100% correct is always the right move and will only protect your investment!  

3. Rejuvenate the Guitar’s Appearance.


The outward appearance of your guitar is important. Whether you’re performing or proudly displaying it, the wear and tear of time and use can result in a lackluster appearance. BMVG's can provide recommendations to ensure continued care of your instrument's appearance.

Furthermore might you need or want a complete or partial restoration, touch up, modification or anything really.

We partner with some of the best luthiers in the world and can have anything corrected for your favorite piece. 


At Black Magic Vintage Guitars, we offer professional guitar restoration services. Our experts are passionate about creating the best possible playing experience for all musicians and understand the importance of preserving your instrument in its original condition. Contact us today to learn more about how a guitar restoration service  can help you maintain your beloved guitar. 

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