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1951/55 Fender Blackguard

1951/55 Fender Blackguard

Love Blackguards? Yeah, us 2!

This is a players guitar through and through. What I mean by that is it's super light @ 6.75 lbs. EXTREMELY resonate (sounds like a semi hollow unplugged) and is absolutely effortless to play. 
When we got this one in we weren't sure what to make of it as its neck, pocket and tape are dated 8/55, but the tuners, bridge, saddles, switch, tip and electronics all point to 51/52.

So naturally we did a little digging and conferred with folks who know more than us about BG's and I mean folks who literally wrote the book/s on them.

Let's start with the cavity tape, 8/55 Gloria, but that's not all, it is hard to make out but the consensus is that it says repainted or repaired above the name Gloria and the date.
Neck pocket, again dated 8/55 with the initials RFSD. Never heard of or seen someone named RFSD at Fender in the 50's, we were told that this means refinished and again that would make perfect sense.
Under the bridge plate, the serial is carved into the body 1320. Why would you do that? Well you would do that at the Fender factory to ensure the guitar gets back together after paint.  
Which brings us to the neck, just 8/55. Was the neck replaced at the time the guitar was in for paint? was it also refinished and re-dated? Impossible to say for sure but the tuners which again are correct for 51 are the only tuners that have ever been on that neck.
What we can say for sure is that it is a 50's neck, 51-55. 

This guitar black lights perfectly as one would expect, we are happy to share any additional photos requested!

In short; what we have here is an excellent playing, factory refinished Fender Blackguard Telecaster. 
We rewired it to a more modern and usable set up as again this a guitar that should be played out, 1 Neck, 2 N&B 3 Bridge. 

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