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1952-56 Gibson Les Paul Conversion

1952-56 Gibson Les Paul Conversion

BMVG is pleased to present this gem of a 1952 Gibson Les Paul!

This guitar has had a couple of perfectly executed modifications converting it into a "56 style set up" the stop tail & abr-1 bridge have been expertly added. The finish on this instrument is 100% original with zero touch up anywhere. The guitar remains unbroken and is in short; a superb example. All of the plastics and electronics (pots, switch, pickups, etc) remain original to the guitar. Some of the hardware (bridge & tailpiece) are obviously not original. The P90's read a VERY strong and perfectly balanced 7.79 N & 7.91 B - killer! The guitar is very lightweight (in the Les Paul world) coming in at 8lbs 4 oz.


There are circular shadows from the old "studs" of the original trapeze tailpiece near the bridge posts, I did my best to show in photos, they are NOT plugged holes from a wrap tail to clarify. A proper ground wire was added to the studs; again the work was executed perfectly, that can not be understated. There has been no neck reset on this guitar, it does not need it. The bridge was slightly shaved to accommodate the break angle and it's absolutely perfect. The action is as low as you could possibly want it and the guitar plays perfectly up and down the board. This instrument was outfitted with Shaller tuners at one point as can be seen on the front & back of the headstock but correct adapter bushings have been added so the Kluson tuners are snug and function perfectly. 


This all original finish 50's Les Paul GT is a beast and is a HELLUVA lot of guitar for the money. Original 4 latch case is included.

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