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1952 Gibson Les Paul

1952 Gibson Les Paul

BMVG's is pleased to present a killer 1st year Les Paul!


1952's are such an undervalued, sleeper year for the Paul that started it all. The neck profiles are consistently med round; with nice depth, slight shoulders and are absolutely excellent!


This instrument shows light & honest play-wear overall, with no breaks and some nice mojo/checking/light greening we all love to see on a Gold Top from the era.

It did have junior tuners on at one point that have left the slightest shadow but no opening of the shafts. A mojo-tone bridge is included and in the case but we chose to put the original on, it functions perfectly so why wouldn't we make it stock. 


The original frets are in excellent condition. All of the plastics are original.

The electronics are original and all solders appear untouched. The P90's read 7.5 N & 7.7 B respectively. 


The original 4 latch case is in excellent plus condition.

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