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1952 Gibson Les Paul "Baby Bee"

1952 Gibson Les Paul "Baby Bee"

BMVG has done it again!, with a little help from our friends of course...


Almost a year ago we teamed up with the homies Jared James Nichols & Master Luthier Joe Riggio to dream big and bring "The Queen Bee" to life. JJN has been rocking the Queen Bee on stages all over the world since and we all chatted about doing it again but with a twist.


So here she is... the Baby Bee! 

This isn't just a spin off as this Baby has a vibe & style all it's own. Starting life as a 1952 Les Paul with a trap tailpiece over the years it had some work. Routed, wrap tail, refin, neck reshaped into more of a 1960 Burst profile, no breaks; but an excellent unoriginal candidate to have fun with!


This thing is fast! .80 - .89 - 60's neck profile, its loud & powered by a set of killer Long Magent PAF's from 1958-60 (7.8 N 8.7 B), it is incredibly nimble coming in at a slight 8 lbs 5 oz. This guitar absolutely RIPS there is no better way to put it.


Rig Rundown:

Custom black over gold finish.

Tuners are original 1952 with original buttons that have aged in the most incredible way.

Harness is original, switch tip is original, knobs are original, pots & caps are original. 

Murdered out pickup rings are 50's, switch & jack plates are late 60's.

Wrap tail is a modern compensation.

 Case is a 5 latch Cali Girl that was painted black ages ago, completely fitting!


This Sleek Les Paul is truly a One of One! 

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