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1953 Gibson Les Paul

1953 Gibson Les Paul

Just in is a RIGHTEOUS 1953 Les Paul that was outfitted with a period correct (50's short seam) wrap tailpiece & studs several years back.

Lightweight @ 8.6 lbs, super loud unplugged and über aggressive; there isn't anything this baby can't handle!
Other than the added 50's wrap the guitar has all original wiring and parts, highlighted by 2 super HOT p90's 7.9 N & 8.5 B, that's 59 PAF territory gang.
The neck is a perfect profile measuring .88 at the 1st and .99 at the 12th. The frets are perfect as is the fretboard showing very minimal wear. 
The only thing to note is that the guitar had a small half smile crack, not a full break, it was repaired years ago and is completely stable. The minor crack really provides the next owner a heck of a lot of guitar for a super fair price!

The guitar black lights perfectly and is accompanied by it's original 4 latch Brown Lifton case that is in excellent condition. 

Want to save a couple grand? We can swap the vintage case for a modern one. 

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