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1954 Fender Stratocaster

1954 Fender Stratocaster

BMVG's is pleased to present this beautiful 1954 Fender Stratocaster. 

First year Strat's are obviously coveted for their collectability. The impact they made on Rock and Roll history is unquestionable; but we feel these first few years (Ash bodies w Maple boards) are a cut above as players are well. 

Terrific weight 8 lbs 2oz, perfectly balanced instrument with an excellent neck profile .85 - .94
Pot's date to 43'rd week of 54, pickups have not been re-wound, original 3 way switch re-tipped, ash tray and trem in the case. 
This 54 is initialed and dated (neck and body) by the most desirable name of them all, Tadeo Gomez. 

Ok, so why is it cheap? 
The neck pickup cover is a replacement, cracked original is in the case.
Lastly, this instruments fretboard was refinished when it was re-fretted some years ago. They did a great job, it has nice frets and plays incredibly well. The fretboard was either played back in a little or lightly relic'd as it appears and feels nicely broken in again but by no means abused or inauthentic looking. 

To reiterate; the body, headstock, logo, back of the neck, everywhere else on the guitar the finish is original and black lights as you would expect. We're happy to provide additional pics! Repro case!

As is always the case don't hesitate to reach out for info on this first year Strat or to inquire about any of the other gems we have on and off market! 

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