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1954 Gibson Les Paul

1954 Gibson Les Paul

BMVG's is pleased to present this exceptional 1954 Gibson Les Paul!


This is a fantastic example from a highly sought after year. 54's have perfectly round, med neck profiles and excellent P-90's that are consistently bloomy & well balanced. This one in particular is the lightest maple topped Les Paul we have ever encountered coming in at an unbelievable 7 1/2 lbs. That is unheard of folks!


This guitar absolutely rings and is easy to bond with. She shows moderate, honest wear and is 100% original less a perfectly executed re-fret, which in my opinion is like needing new tires on a muscle car, its a must...

Wrap-tails are and always will be a favorite among players due to their killer look, slinky feel and versatility. If you've been holding out for a vibey, original, featherweight wrap-tail Les Paul, this one should certainly get your attention.


Original case in VG+ condition included!

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