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1955 Gibson Les Paul

1955 Gibson Les Paul

BMVG's is pleased to present another Golden Era Grail; 1955 Gibson Les Paul!


This instrument is 100% original with zero modifications, broken solders or issues. It has the type of glorious checking & wear we all go gaga over and everyone including Gibson tries like heck to fake these days but can never really get right.

Nothing beats time! 


Perfectly balanced @ 8 & a half pounds this Lester is an excellent playing example that rings like a bell acoustically. 2 perfectly balanced, strong P90's (7.8 & 7.9) set the Goldie off. A full round neck with soft shoulders ensures the very best playing experience possible. 

The layers of gold have been eroded off the back of the neck but have not gone all the way to the wood, which is again not only great to look at but makes playing this Lester far more enjoyable! 


Original Gibson badged 4 Latch case is in great shape, fully functional and included!

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