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1957 Gibson Les Paul Special TV

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special TV

BMVG's is pleased to present a stunning & sonically brilliant 1957 Gibson Les Paul Special in TV Yellow!


This lil puppy SMOKES! What a fun guitar! 


Amazingly well preserved original frets, flawless cavity and just a hint of play-wear where we want to see it. Neck is fantastic measuring .88 @ 1st & .97 @ 12th. with a great feel and little shoulder. The p90's are impressive measuring 8.5 N & 8.1 B that's HOT gang! All in all a great, balanced example. 


It did have other tuners at one point but the originals are back on! These specials really are just that, light, nimble, nasty, all around incredible guitars for the same price of a new Les Paul. IMO vintage wins that fight every time, sonically & as an investment!

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