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1957 Gibson Les Paul "The Trench"

1957 Gibson Les Paul "The Trench"

BMVG's is pleased to present an honest & tremendous 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard known as "The Trench". 


An all original, early appointed example that sports factory black plastics and 1st Gen "sticker-less" PAF's with stainless covers. A rare guitar to begin with it is even more uncommon to find them in this very striking configuration. The Trench as it's lovingly referred to, was undoubtably a "working mans" guitar. The wear on the top next to the bridge as well as the rest of the glorious checking & patina was forged night after night, gig after gig, song after song. When this guitar is in hand it is really difficult not to smile.


On the technical side; this guitar is equally appealing. Weighing in at a VERY modest 8 lbs 5 oz. This LP just sings and is very easy on the shoulder. The sumptuous V shaped neck is incredible! It measures .91 @ 1st & .99 2 12th that may sound big but with modest shoulders it is really perfection. The original PAF's are strong and some of the most nuanced we've heard. They are radically different than the "typical" 58-60 PAF to which we are very familiar, these are just special. They measure 7.5N & 7.6B. All of the hardware and all of the plastics are absolutely correct. 


There are no breaks, repairs, touch ups, other tuner footprints, replaced nut; nothing else to disclose or to be discovered. The tuner tips have most likely been replaced (common) and a perfectly executed re-fret in larger "59 style" fret wire was preformed in the past few years, the frets have many years left to give! Accompanied by a very nice Lifton "Cali Girl" case, The Trench is the total package and a Les Paul to be reckoned with!

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