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1958 Gibson ES-335

1958 Gibson ES-335

Black Magic Vintage Guitars is pleased to present this crowning jewel of a dot neck! 


Born in late December of 1958 this collectors grade ES-335 is one of the last dozen to make it out in 58! There was a short window (Oct of 58 - March 59) give or take a few; where these guitars were literally built differently. 


How, you might ask? Simple. The neck angle was corrected from the previous shallower pitch. The necks themselves are large; the majority of 59 335's have a neck depth of .85 or less. Late 58's & the earliest of 59's have a much fuller profile .87 or more; this example is .93 @ the 1st! WOW!! If you don't believe that swinging that extra beef around in the neck doesn't make an impact on the sonic footprint of an instrument, you'd be mistaken. 


Even more importantly, again sonically speaking; to the neck profile is a term that pops up with 335's from this window of time and that's the term "thin top". The actual plys of wood increased from 3 to 4. That extra ply makes a significant difference when we think of sound waves vibrating through a guitar, simple physics. Why did Gibson make the change to 4 plys? Input jack cracks. Being a "top mounted" instrument and people being people 58's are now synonymous with have cracks around the jack, this one clearly does not. 


Enough with the history lesson and on to additional details of this stunning time capsule...


The Burst on this instrument is rich, deep & relatively unblemished. The original large frets are perfectly preserved. The fretboard is absolutely pristine. The original tuner tips are present & function exactly as intended. The PAF's read 8.0 N & 8.1 B and remain factory sealed with perfect stickers. All of the nickel hardware shines like new. All of the plastics are equally "clean" and absolutely original. The electronics remain factory perfect and again function perfectly. The instrument is 100% free of repair, touch up or over spray. 


In short; This is one of the cleanest, most desirable & factory complete 335's in the world. Making it an absolute must have guitar for any discerning collector.

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