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1958 Gibson ES-335

1958 Gibson ES-335

BMVG is pleased to present a stunning First Year ES-335 from the family of the original owner.


This guitar has been here in California since 1958 and is in 9.75/10 - Collector Grade Condition. Accompanied by some of the tags, strap & cable, this dot is a gem to be sure! 


100% original to the frets (less tuner tips) this instrument saw VERY little play time over the decades; the original frets are still super tall (80% fret life). 58's are all thin tops (3 ply vs 4) and are in many players opinions sonically a cut above all other 335's. Examples from 58 into April/May of 59 also ensure you have a juicy round neck; this example is .88 - .98; fantastic profile with very slight shoulders, just incredible in the hand...


The sealed PAF's read a healthy 7.6 N & 7.9 B, perfectly balanced. The original low profile ABR-1 is straight as an arrow and as you can see from the photo is nowhere close to being pinned on the body of the guitar; meaning the neck angle is not shallow!


All in all this is a fantastic playing, sounding, investment grade example of the first year of the 335!


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