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1958 Gibson Les Paul

1958 Gibson Les Paul

BMVG's is pleased to present the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Resurrection Burst" 

This guitar is pretty well known on the ole forums but if you're unfamiliar here is the backstory...


8 3142 started life as a Gold Top with a dark back; note the original finish dark back "stinger" which maintains its original serial number that fluoresces as one would expect from a factory finish. At some point in its history the top was painted red. Evidence of this can still be seen in the pickup cavities, original gold is visible and then red overspray. 


This guitar is a true rocker, it was played, and played and then played some more. It sustained a cracked neck, oddly enough; not at the headstock. A couple of body cracks, was inevitably stripped of parts and essentially left for dead. Many moons passed and the red paint was stripped back reveling a MONSTER TOP that is 1/8th of an inch from being perfectly centered. Remember this is a very late 58 GT, in just a matter of weeks Gibson would paint the very first Les Paul in Sunburst...


Fast forward years & this guitar finds its way into the very capable hands of Kim LaFleur & the team @ Historic Makeovers. The restoration process begins and in short; they fix everything and finish the guitar in a perfect Sunburst. Kim being the ultimate pros pro had the foresight to maintain the original serial number & stain on the back of the headstock in the form of a "stinger"; as previously mentioned. 


Fast forward a few more years and we purchase the guitar. It looks great, plays amazingly well and sounds insane but it has all repro parts... IMO it's a no brainer, we have to complete the restoration. Let's start from the top down...


  • Tuners are 50's correct Grovers - Pat Pending USA
  • Truss Cover - clearly visible roller marks - genuine 50's correct
  • No wire ABR-1 bridge with screws, saddles, wheels & posts - all genuine 50's correct
  • Short seam stop tailpiece with studs - genuine 50's correct
  • Neck PAF - double black - center sticker - long magnet - sealed with cover 7.75 ohms 
  • Bridge PAF - double black - center sticker - long magnet - 7.90 ohms
  • Switch tip - 50's era correct - Catalin
  • Wiring harness / pots & bees - matched quad 1959
  • Jack plate - switch plate - genuine 50's correct 
  • Pick-guard and Pickup surrounds are from "The Queen Bee" a 1957 PAF guitar we reworked for Jared James Nichols (see photo of the guitars on stage together from JJN's gig last month in SF). They are 110% genuine.
  • Back cavity plates - 1957 LPC donor 
  • 5 latch Gibson badged brown case


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