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1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom

BMVG's is pleased to present a SUPERB deal on some genuine grail wood! 


1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom; this guitar has been fully refinished many years ago. We have tried our absolute best to verify if it was refinished due to a break or simply as a fresh finish from a hard life. We have found zero visible signs of a repair, anywhere. Black light, sun light, standing on our heads, nada. In short, we feel confident that it hasn't been repaired but are choosing to err on the side of caution and are pricing it as such. Win / Win!


This Custom was relieved of some of its original parts over the years and had been fitted with a Bigsby at one time, the Bigsby is also included. 


Not original to 1958 but still vintage parts include... 

  • 3 x PAT# pickups - early to mid 60's (same as short mag PAF's double black leads etc)
  • Pat# wire bridge - mid 60's
  • Gibson Stop Tailpiece - mid 60's
  • Case is mid/late 60's "small pebble"


Everything else is here. The entire harness (switch, jack, pots, wiring) Pat Pending Grover, Bigbsy, Knobs, Truss Cover, Rings, Switch Plate, Jack Plate, caps, binding, screws and most importantly the WOOD all appear to be original to the guitar and are undoubtably from 1958! 


This beauty weighs a very manageable 9 lbs 8 oz, has a fantastic neck .87 @ 1st & .98 @ 12th and plays lights out up & down the board thanks in part to a fairly recent re-fret in medium fret wire. 


This is a PERFECT stage, gig, players; 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom!

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