1959 Fender Stratocaster Mary Kaye

1959 Fender Stratocaster Mary Kaye

BMVG's is pleased to present a real gem of a Strat! 

59 Slab board on Ash, WOW. This instrument left Fullerton CA so many years ago with a see through "blonde" finish as is evident when we look under the hood. The original body date of 4/59 remains in tact and untouched.
The slab board, clay dot neck shows no pencil date as is common in 1959. 

The mint (condition & color) green 9 hole pick guard (also very much a 59 thing) holds 3 original black bottom pickups that are strong and have not been rewound. The neck pickup is especially sweet!
All the pots date to the 46th week of 59, 3 way switch, cap and the wiring also remain original, though some solders have been touched up over the years. 

All of the original hardware on this beauty, down to the screws are gold. Some parts have faded a little more than others but it's still pretty easy to see what we have here.  

Older refinished which backlights correctly is the only thing keeping this guitar from being 6 figures!
An all original where it counts, Ash body 59 slab with gold hardware for under 30k?!?!?! 
OHSC included oh and she only weighs 7 lbs. just killer!