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1959 Gibson ES-335

1959 Gibson ES-335

BMVG is pleased to present an absolute grail 1959 ES-335!


This one dates to May of 1959 which is the absolute sweet spot for all guitars that came out of Kalamazoo. Why, you ask? Necks across the board were being shaped perfectly. .86 with very little shoulder, HOT and nasty double white PAF's are in full bloom.

The woods at this time were exceptional (look at some of the bursts from this period, Nicky, Skinner, Greeny, etc) and the factory was absolutely firing on all cylinders. 


To put it simply, this dot is perfection. It has zero issues or modifications. It is original down to the frets and is in collector grade 9.5/10 condition.

It PLAYS & sounds every bit as good as any 335 or Burst we've had in, and we've had dozens...

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