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1959 Gibson ES-345

1959 Gibson ES-345

BMVG's is pleased to present an absolute gem of a guitar! 

A squeaky clean; 1959 Gibson ES-345! 


Dot necks get all the glory and come with the hefty price tag to match. If you want the same guitar at a 60+% discount (which is crazy to say) then a 345 is the way to go. Sure the inlays are different and you have the varitone knob but from a tone & construction standpoint there is little to no difference between the two. In fact the bodies were interchangeable; ever find a 335 with choke cut out under the bridge pickup? I have, it definitely happened. 


This instrument is a very strong playing example that is original down to the frets which are in amazing condition! She has a flawlessly shot sunburst finish. Perfectly Balanced PAF's 7.5 N& 7.7B and my favorite neck profile (.85 - .96) it isn't too big and it's far from the .80 or less you get in 1960 & 61. 


All of the gold hardware is original and in very good condition with some but not excessive fading. The choke was removed and is in the case; so this one (like most 345's) is set up to plug & play just like a 335.

The original 59 harness was used and bumble bee caps added. Comes with a very nice Gibson badged case with original handle! 


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