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1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom

BMVG's is pleased to present this excellent 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom!


This VG++ example is SUPER lightweight coming in at 8 lbs 8oz. That's an incredible weight for a LPC folks...

All of the parts appear original and are at least 1959 correct, including all 3 PAF's! Two of which are highly coveted double whites!! All of the PAF's read between 7.6 - 8.0 ohms giving you a perfectly balanced guitar from pickup to pickup. The middle pickup which is factory out of phase is incredible sonically and super useful when used live as a change of pace. The Bridge is hottest of the 3 (helpful) and the neck is SWEET and soulful. 

The neck is a perfect med C coming in at .84 - .92. The guitar has some normal wear, bumps and bruises including a spot on the lower bout most likely from a watch or some sort of jewelry.

The guitar was expertly re-fretted and plays phenomenally well up and down the fretboard. It was outfitted with Shaller tuners at some point in it's life but the factory grovers are back on. Who puts Shallers on a factory grover guitar? Idk what to say about that except people are strange. Fortunately the shafts didn't need reaming or opening so it's not a huge deal. 

In todays market getting your hands on an unbroken 1959 PAF loaded Les Paul for under 6 figures presents a great opportunity.

This guitar while not collector grade can still be played and enjoyed, its condition is also still plenty good enough to be a solid investment and will undoubtably appreciate in value as the years continue to roll on!


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