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1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr.

1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr.

BMVG's is pleased to present this amazingly rare 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior Single Cut!


Don't really see these because they didn't really make many, but why?

In 59 the model changed to the double cut. Due to some issues (a bad joint) the model received a slight adjustment in 1960 to fix the neck/body joint issue but I digress...


The handful of 59 single cuts that made it out of Kalamazoo are rare and exceptional, this one is no different. All of the solders, pots, bee, wiring etc remain completely factory. 

The finish, frets, knobs, tuners & tips are again unaltered and remain factory perfect, though it had other tuners on at one point. The "Dog Ear" P-90 is perfection and smoking hot; reading 8.55 at the jack.

The original case was too far gone so it's been outfitted with a super durable, form fit modern flight case.

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