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1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Black Magic Vintage Guitars is proud to present this 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard aka The Black Magic Burst.

When considering an instrument of this caliber, one of the most critical aspects is to verify is the chain of custody and provenance.

This instrument came to light a little over 20 years ago when the original owner (photo) decided it was time to part with his prized Les Paul.  He purchased the instrument new in the summer of 1959 in Flint, Michigan and played it for decades at his local house of worship. The opportunity presented itself thanks to social media and we spoke with a family member a few months ago; they shared stories as well as the photo, which is always excellent to have on hand.

Inevitably, the time came to move on and a friend of the owner reached out to her nephew, a guitarist and 59 Burst owner himself. He flew out to Michigan for the weekend and checked out the guitar. 
He made a couple of phone calls and stewardship of the guitar changed over to a very well respected Burst "enthusiast" Mr. Ronny Proler. 
In Ronny's time with this 59 it was published in Burst Believers 2 & 3 respectively as well as the Burst Serial where it is shown with and without a bigsby.  
During the "Proler period" this Burst also got to stretch its legs with the legendary Allman Brothers Band and is shown in the hands of the King of Slide himself, Mr. Derek Trucks. The top on this Burst is of course absolutely breathe-taking, but also very unique and easily identifiable. 
A decade or so passed and Ronny decided to hand over stewardship of the guitar. It was offered by a man who has sold a few Bursts in his time; Eliot Michael of Rumble Seat Music in Nashville. Just like that, this highly figured 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard went back into hiding for another decade plus. 

Which brings us 63 years and into the present day. 
We have been extremely honored to be this Bursts caretaker, we are privileged to have had the opportunity to name it and will be forever grateful for our time together. 
We are now beyond pleased to be able to offer this crowning jewel 1959 Les Paul to the world.

The Black Magic Burst was given a 2 page feature in the upcoming Burst Believers 6. Due out by the end of the year. A very special thanks to David Plues & Vic DaPra. 

While we can literally talk about guitars all day and frequently do...
This 1959 Gibson Les Paul is in 9.5 cosmetic condition, photos can convey much more (1,000 words I'm told) than I can, but here is the short:
The cavity is flawless and untouched, the hardware & plastics are all original and in excellent condition, the pickups are factory sealed, the frets are original with 70% remaining and it has never had other tuners on it. 
The color & movement in the top are stunning to say the least and the guitar sounds other worldly. 
Lastly, the Black Magic Burst comes in its original 5 latch case with every piece of "case candy" that one could ever hope for; original paperwork, hang tags, case key & strap. 

Reach out to continue the conversation.  

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