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1959 Gibson Les Paul - The Freeway Burst

1959 Gibson Les Paul - The Freeway Burst

Black Magic Vintage Guitars is pleased to present a 2 owner, time capsule, 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (9 0405) aka The Freeway Burst.


A Northern California guitar since it was purchased new, it has remained local to us the past 64+ years. The Freeway Burst is the quintessential investment grade instrument. It is accompanied by all of its "case candy" elevating this particular example head and shoulders above its competitors. 


9 0405 has been featured in "The Early Years of the Les Paul Legacy" by Robb Lawrence as well as a two page feature (pgs 60-61) in everyones favorite Burst publication; Burst Believers IV, by our pals Vic DaPra & David Plues.


The Freeway Burst is sonically incredible. The exposed double zebra PAF's read a very well balanced 8.20 N & 8.05 B. The neck profile is a perfect med C (.86 - .94) one could not hope for a more desirable neck, just perfect.

To make great even better 9 0405 weighs in at 8 lbs 8 oz; what many of us consider to be the ideal weight for a Standard. 

Aside from the pickup covers (which are included) being removed to expose the striking double zebra PAF's, 0405 remains completely factory original. Yes, that includes the frets, tuner tips, cavity solders, every screw & saddle.


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