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1960 Gibson ES-335

1960 Gibson ES-335

BMVG is pleased to present an Excellent 1960 Gibson ES-335.

This instrument is 100% down to the frets, less the tuning tips which is more common than not, so 99%...

This Burst killer is light & LIVELY! It has been well played but also very well kept. 
It has had no other tuners, no reaming & or no other footprints, no Bigsby, no snakebite, no cracks, no BS, its a clean machine.

Being a 60 it has a "transitional" neck, which makes me chuckle as it could mean anything. These necks were all shaped by hand so while they can be close; no two are exactly the same. 
.82 @ the 1st which is very enjoyable; for perspective...
"blades" from 1961 come in around .78; most 59's come in around .85; late 58's - early 59's can be as large as .97 which is gargantuan but mainly sit around .88
This is from our experience of having owned, bought and sold dozens upon dozens of 58-60 dots. 

All of the hardware is very clean and correct as is shown, sealed PAF's are sweet and aggressive (what we all like about guitars from 59 and 1960). Pots are all 1960 and appear untouched. All of the plastics are correct and in equally great condition. 
The instrument displays beautiful weather checking everywhere on a perfectly shot sunburst. 

Lifton badged case is in good cosmetic condition and functions as it should. 

The guitar market is still very strong, pair that with double digit inflation and there is no signs of it slowing down.
Clean "Holy Grail" guitars like this will most certainly continue to appreciate and are always excellent investments with the appropriate horizon.
Only 405 dots shipped in 1960, how many are left without issues? 

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