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1960 Gibson Les Paul 02181

1960 Gibson Les Paul 02181

BMVG's is pleased to offer a stunning 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard 0 2181, The Mize Burst! More on that later...


This Burst is absolutely exceptional. It's early enough to have what we all refer to as "59 appointments", dye that has faded (no tomato soup), bonnet knobs (not reflectors) & single ring tuners (not double ring). This guitar really has got it all. A nicely figured top, beautiful golden color, excellent resonance, smooth playability and a set of searing double cream PAF's 8.9 N & 9.1 B!


All of the hardware & plastics remain in VG/EX condition and are undoubtably original to the guitar. The neck is easy on the hand as one would expect from a 60. It's a touch wider at the nut, another common 60 trait to counter balance the slightly slimmer depth, .83 @ 1st fret; many players greatly prefer this iteration, a guy named Eric comes to mind. The original frets remain in very good condition with no need for a re-fret anytime soon. 


Back to the Mize origin story (see cavity photo) this Burst was ink stamped "Property of R.D. Mize". R.D. didn't know it at the time but he now deservingly has a Burst named after him, congrats R.D.! Thankfully its in the cavity and not carved into the back of the headstock, unfortunately we've seen that before... For those who obsess over counting calories 02181 comes in at a very svelte 8 5oz. 


There are two "blems" to disclose that offer the next owner an incredible guitar at a considerable discount.


1. Two screw holes have been filled at the end pin from a floating vibrato, no holes on the top.

2. There is a two & a half inch long by 1mm wide run on the back of the neck that has been drop filled (see black light pic). It begins at the middle of the 1st fret and extends to the middle of the 3rd fret, it looks MUCH larger in the pic. It was properly addressed years ago by the luthiers at Gruhn's and is virtually invisible, unless of course you use a blacklight. The truss rod works as intended, the neck is straight & true; and the guitar is structurally sound. 


02181 is an incredible playing & looking example of the most coveted & collectable guitar of all time!

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