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1960 Gibson Les Paul Historic Makeover

1960 Gibson Les Paul Historic Makeover

If you're looking for a vibey reissue Burst that is way more dialed in and realistic looking than a Murphy Lab you have one option, Kim and the team at Historic Makeover. 

The crew at HM are (very much rightfully so btw) extremely busy with orders, so here's a great opportunity to skip the line and jam on a killer Lester now!

This guitar started as a True Historic 58, which gives it a VERY realistic top. 
TH guitars were insanely expensive and absolutely perfect Burst clones down to the molecular level. Gibson really blew their wad with the TH run pouring in so many resources that the TH guitars weren't super profitable, a reason why they didn't last so long...
The processes involved did however lead to break throughs in the Collectors Choice series, so it's not all bad but I digress. 

So this excellent 58 TH was sent to the wizards at HM and was transformed into the beautiful 1960 Burst Clone you see now. The neck was shaved, substantially and is wicked fast! 
Dark Brazilian board was added as part of the Deluxe makeover package with too many other excellent upgrades to mention. 

We added real 1960's reflector knobs and a correct 60's switch tip for some added authenticity. 
All of the plastics were upgraded to retro-spec as part of the makeover.
She is loaded with a set of Slash Alnico II pickups and is ready to ROCK! 

Nice late 60's LP case is included or we can put her in a modern LP case, your call.
The old case helps to give the guitar that intoxicating vintage smell, so, we prefer that!

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