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1961 Gibson ES-335

1961 Gibson ES-335

When it comes to dot necks none present a better VALUE than a 1961, this one also happens to be a monster player.

A loud, resonant, featherweight; coming in at 7 lbs even. Neck profile is in line with the rest of the 3x5 instruments of this 2 year period late 1960 - 1962 - .80 @ the 1st and .86 @ the 12th; most importantly it has no truss rod cracks. The fretboard is immaculate and again boasts real pearl dots!
This instrument has newer frets expertly done in vintage correct wire and plays phenomenally well, can't stress that enough. 
Two excellent sounding PAF's with a completely original untampered with wiring harness.
All plastics are original and in VG+ condition. All hardware is original and in VG+ condition. 
The finish is excellent, beautiful deep cherry and black lights perfectly. 

Three things to mention...
This dot had a sideways vibrato on it, no holes on the top, snakebite at the end pin that have been filled.
Locking tuners show a light footprint, no additional holes, original tuners are back on and function perfectly.
The case is correct for 61 and in VG+ condition but not original to this guitar.

In conclusion; this instrument is an excellent playing, very strong example of a 1961 ES-335 and is an tremendous value to it's predecessors; one of the last of the dot necks!

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