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1962 Gibson ES-345

1962 Gibson ES-345

BMVG's is pleased to present a killer 1962 ES-345!


This guitar is LIVELY & super resonant! Notes jump off the perfectly preserved fretboard. The original frets are in excellent condition with 95% life left. The tuners function perfectly and maintain their original buttons. This 345 is like most these days "set up" like a 335 (mono) instead of amateurishly cutting out the Varitone & choke the entire harness was removed intact, this is the correct way to do it. A cream tone harness is currently installed, OG harness in the case. 


The original PAF's are strong 7.7 & 8.0 and offer the bloom & type of sonic articulation one would expect. The bridge pickup was opened to flip the magnet, if you know about converting a 345 to mono, one has to do this to avoid an out of phase sound. 

The neck measures .82 @ the 1st (the same as most 35's or 45's from 1960) and is without question not a blade, it's a great neck and excellent guitar. The original ABR-1 is perfect with all original saddles and the stop tail is a short seam, lots of these have been "borrowed" over the years so it's nice to have it all correct & in intact.

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