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1963 Gibson Les Paul/SG

1963 Gibson Les Paul/SG

BMVG's is pleased to present an excellent playing 1963 SG/LP with a splendidly fat neck!


Sonically this instrument is phenomenal, a fresh set of frets, 2 amazing 1st generation PAT# pickups and a Mojotone locking trem just put it over the top. The locking trem keeps the original look while not modifying the instrument in any way (original parts in the case). It also and perhaps more importantly vastly improves the intonation & tuning stability of the instrument; which is of course extremely important. 


Being one of the last "Les Paul" badged SG's of 63 also provides this guitar is a big full neck, again vastly improving the playing experience when compared to a blade. These 1st Gen PAT# pickups are no different than 61 and later PAF's less the sticker, they sound incredible. 


This instrument did suffer a heel crack, like so many have. Good news is that it's a small crack, not a full break. Better news is that it was repaired cleanly with hardly any finish touch up, see black light pic!


All in all this is a terrific Les Paul / SG that was meant to be played! Original case is in VG+ condition and is included!


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