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1964 Gibson ES-335

1964 Gibson ES-335

BMVG's is pleased to present an AMAZING 1964 Gibson ES-335!


One of the most versatile guitars in the world, 335's can do it all while maintaining a voice & feel of their own. 64's are many guitar players favorites as they are still affordable when compared to their earlier PAF counterparts. 64's have terrific round necks, Gibson & Fender got back to round profiles in 63/4 from the thinnest flattest neck in the world competition of 60-62. It is loaded with 1st generation PAT's (same as late PAF's less the sticker) these remain factory sealed, strong (7.8 & 7.7) and as you can see, very well balanced. 


This 64 has a terrific played in feel. Neck finish is worn down super smooth giving the player effortless movement. Finish in a few spots on the top (arm) and back (belt) are also worn down giving this guitar all the right vibe. An above average re-fret has this instrument completely dialed in and perfectly intonate'd with low action. It is also an absolute featherweight coming in at 7 lbs. 8 oz.


An original Bigsby guitar (Bigs & Custom plaque included) she is currently set up as a stop tail. Super high quality, lightweight, short seam Montreux repro tailpiece currently on the guitar. 


If you've been waiting for an all there 64 335 that you aren't afraid to take out and play, this is it!

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