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1964 Gibson ES-345

1964 Gibson ES-345

BMVG's is pleased to present a stunning, vibey & excellent playing 64 -345!

Perfect full neck profile starts on the slim side but fattens up wonderfully as you work your way up the neck.


Pair of original 1st generation PAT#'s sound amazing; clear & responsive but man can they get nasty! No sticker on the Bridge which is very common for this era. Bridge was uncovered to flip the magnet (phase) and the choke removed (in the case) the original pots are still in the guitar. This monster operates just like a 335 and there is no need for a stereo connection.

Plug & play my friends.


Couple of bumps & bruises but certainly no breaks, the guitar black lights perfectly and all parts including the case are original!


Aside from 58-60 the next best and most coveted iteration of the 3x5 is without question 64's; and for good reason!

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