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Gibson Collectors Choice 28A STP Burst

Gibson Collectors Choice 28A STP Burst

When it comes to reissue Gibson Les Pauls Collectors Choice has and will probably always be a significant cut above the rest.

Why? It is due to the fact that these CC guitars are EXACT clones of actual Bursts, we're talking down to the molecular level. 
This STP Burst formerly owned by Ronnie Montrose is a flat out killer! 

It has a HUGE top with fat wide flame, completely worn & played in neck for super smooth maneuvering and is very resonate and easy on the shoulder coming in at a modest 8.6 lbs. 
The real STP Burst is a super late 58 (8 6787) we have owned 2 very real Bursts in the 678+ serial range (one is available right now, check our listings!) and the weight and neck profile of this instrument absolutely is spot on. 

With most CC guitars being priced around and well above 10+k we're pricing this amazing iteration to SELL! 
In fact you could probably resell it and make a grand at this price...

Don't snooze!

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