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Gibson Collectors Choice 34A Blackburst

Gibson Collectors Choice 34A Blackburst

When it comes to reissue Gibson Les Pauls; Collectors Choice has and will probably always be a significant cut above the rest.

Why? It is due to the fact that these CC guitars are EXACT clones of actual Bursts, we're talking down to the molecular level. 

This is a very understated and COOL guitar, black on black! Sleek and gets you noticed! It is very resonate and easy on the shoulder coming in at a modest 8.8 lbs. 
The real Blackburst is a super early 1960 also known as a double 0.
00's are very highly regarded since they are in essence the same as 59's. Gibson and many other manufacturers didn't make hard stops and model changes like dye, neck thickness and knobs on Jan 1st. These "new" features came in gradually but I digress... This stunning CC Blackburst just came in on partial trade for a vintage piece, it was, has and should continue to be a working mans guitar. It sings... 

Most of the case candy is gone, the booklet and highly decorated original case is what comes with the guitar as is photographed! This is a lot of guitar for the money folks!

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